Healthcare Provider


Asuragen’s Clinical Laboratory is a state of the art facility housed in its 70,000 square foot corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas. The laboratory is Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) certified and College of American Pathology (CAP) accredited. Being CAP accredited means our laboratory adheres to the highest standards for clinical laboratory testing in the industry.

We, like many of our clients, work in a regulated business environment (cGMP, GLP, CLIA, and HIPAA compliance) where federal and international laws and regulations govern our conduct. In addition, we abide by other international standards because these have been shown to systematically improve quality. We take these various aspects of compliance seriously at all levels within our organization, and our clients can see it in our communications and deliverables.

At Asuragen we take the utmost care in the recording and storage of patient information necessary to ensure confidentiality. All Asuragen Clinical Laboratory personnel are trained in confidentiality and other clinical laboratory procedures. According to the regulations, test results or reports will only be disclosed to authorized persons, as defined by state or federal law.


Developments in fragile X syndrome: Accounting for AGG interruptions in female carriers of alleles with 45-90 CGG repeats.

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